• 1. In what form do you recommend I issue my shares for the Seychelles IBC?

    First of all, your choices are limited to registered shares in the names of the shareholders or nominee shares. This is because Seychelles IBC's no longer issue Bearer Shares. We recommend Nominee Shares because this would keep your name off any official document, and preserve your privacy. Our service to you includes a Nominee Shareholder at no extra charge.

  • 2. What guarantees do I have that the information I provide for incorporation is kept in the strictest confidence in the Seychelles?

    We provide a professional offshore service and therefore understand the confidentiality requirement. All personal information is kept at your registered office in the Seychelles and away from your home Country. We do not and cannot legally disclose your information without your prior written consent. Only in the case where your Company may be involved in illegal activities and a Court order is handed down for disclosure of your information may we provide the information in accordance with the Law.

  • 3. Why is the standard for the authorized share capital in the Seychelles US $5,000?

    This is the optimum capitalization at which you can save on incorporation fees and annual fees thereafter. The statutory incorporation fees are $100 for capital up to $5,000; $300 for capital in excess of $5,000 and up to $50,000. Any capitalization in excess of $50,000 is required to pay $1,000 at incorporation and for every year thereafter.

  • 4. How long does it take to set up a Seychelles IBC?

    Once all the forms have been filled and the company paid for, we can have the IBC incorporated in five working days. We then forward your incorporation kit via Express courier and provide you with a tracking number so you may keep track of the package. You must give the necessary time for your package to reach you at your destination. E.g. Seychelles to UK or USA will take two to three days.

  • 5. What about bank accounts for my Seychelles IBC?

    We can introduce you to one of the banks which we offer and for which we are an official agent. All the banks are reliable and offer debit cards and Internet banking. When you choose the IBC with a bank account from us, we will include the bank forms and signature card in the package. When these are filled with the notarized picture ID and other relevant reference of which we will inform you, you send this to the bank. You will receive your account within one working day after they have received the paperwork.

  • 6. If circumstiances change and I change my mind about the offshore company, can I get at least a partial refund?

    Once the incorporation form has been completed and the company paid for no refund is possible. These funds would have already been used for the incorporation fees and other services provided.

  • 7. When are annual renewal fees due?

    Annual renewal fees are due on the anniversary date of incorporation every year.

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